Child's Play III Curse of the Black Ball 

                          by Kracker & Frank

  The magician has 5 people from the audience select a marble from a bag.  Four will select a white marble and one a black one.  The magician will always know who selected the black marble.  Effect 2: A spectator is asked to place a black marble in either hand behind their back or they can place one black and one white marble in each hand behind their back.  They are then asked to bring their closed fists out.  The magician can then reveal which hand has the black marble. The "device" is extremely clever and undetectable. You won't believe it yourself. Child's Play III comes with everything you need to perform, including the gimmick, marbles with black velvet bag, and detailed instructions.   Magic Magazine March 2006 said, " Clever idea, good product worthy of consideration, priced reasonable".


Discontinued until further notice.

Marbles and Bag below are still available.

Extra bag with marbles $20.00

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        You've Been Branded

                       By Ron Frank

     Here is a routine you can use as a MC, brief interlude in your act, or a great closer.  This is a tried and true routine that will get chuckles or even hard laughs. 

     The magician explains how there are more and more commercials these days on television and the movies and he, for one, is getting tired of them.  He proceeds to then get on his “soap box” to explain that magicians would never stoop so low as to use commercials in their act.  For the next minute or so using a great play on words he does exactly that!  The routine is easy to learn and you are given a way to make it even easier.  You receive 20 professionally printed full color pictures printed on non glare heavy stock paper plus the routine.  The routine is available in standard size (8 1/2X11”) for most audiences and professional size (11X17”) for larger audiences. This is a guaranteed winner for all audiences.  Quantities are limited. 

          NOW SHIPPING!

Introductory Price $29.95  8 1/2"X11" Click Below

FREE shipping in CONUSA  Only a few of these are left and will not be produced again..

Introductory Price $39.95 11"X17" Price includes FREE shipping in CONUSA.  Click link below.  Very limited supply.  Only a few of these are left and will not be produced again.

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           First Time Psychic by Ron Frank


     This is a funny effect based on many older ideas.  Two spectators are selected from the audience.  The first one is asked to select a card and not show it to anyone.  The magician then explains that he has a new invention.  It is his thought transmitter.  The magician then shows a wild looking antenna that flashes.  The magician places a small fan on top to “help send the thought waves”.  The spectator is asked to think of his selected card and send the thought of card through the air to the second spectator.  The second spectator immediately is able to name the thought of card.  At this point both the audience and spectator with the antennae are amazed.  As an afterthought, the magician has another card selected and again the magician asks the spectator to think of the selected card but this time the spectator is to point to any person in the audience to name the thought of card.  The audience member is also able to predict the thought of card.  At this point the entire audience will be laughing because they will be “in” on the effect.   It is a comedy magic effect that is fun for all audiences.  You are NOT limited to cards.  You can any prediction you wish.  You have the option to have as many as 4 predictions.  Comes with instruction and gimmicks.  The effect has sold out two years in a row at the Columbus Magi-Fest.

$39.00 FREE shipping in CONUSA

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              Bright-LED Light Bulb  

     These are not the old light bulbs that you may have had as a kid.  These are VERY bright bulbs that use a LED light.  They also have 3 of the watch type batteries that can be replaced once they are dead.  Here are a few comments from the Magic Cafe on these.  They are made of plastic but look relistic.   This bulb DOES NOT fit a standard light socket so it CAN NOT be used with the light socket trick.

" I just received two Magic light bulbs from member Mrmagico (Ron Frank ) the bulbs are Excellent! the light is very bright . The bulb is made of plastic looks like frosted glass even up close . Finally a bulb that lights bright I use my pk ring & it works great combine it with white dlite's & you have a miracle Highly recommended . "

"I just received two of these bulbs yesterday and they are every bit as good as people are saying. Nice and brite and built to last. I had recently gone through couple of the glass type and was looking for an alernative. They are very nice. Brite enough that your specs can see it light even in a well lit environment. I often perform the effect Drawn From The Light, off of Andrew Mayne DVD Maynia. You can keep this bulb in your pocket and not have to worry about breakage. Nothing like that feeling of reaching into your pocket and jabbing your hand on broken glass.
Ron's communication and fast shipping was excellant.
Thanks "

  NOW IN STOCK-Limited Supply

$9.50 FREE shipping in CONUSA

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     Building a Magic Radio by Ron Frank

This is a routine for your Instant Radio sold elswhere.  I won an award from the IBM for this funny and fun routine.  If you have an instant radio and wish to use it for cabaret

or small stage this routine will fit the bill.  It is funny and uses props you probably already have.

Routine only sent as a PDF file

$2.50 Click below for Pay-Pal







          Remote Cubed by Tim Weisseman 


  The Remote Cubed 3000 mini remote color cube by Tim Wisseman isn't your grandfather's Color Cube!

This one you can do this effect blindfolded and in the next room. You do not need to touch it. You do not need to see it. You do not need to see anything, yet you know which color was picked.

An astounding version of an old classic mystery made possible by the use of modern electronics.

The magician shows a 1 3/4 inch square wooden cube with different colored sides. While the magician's back is turned the spectator places the wooden cube in a plain wooden box and covers the box with a lid making it impossible for anyone to see which side of the cube is up. The spectator concentrates on the chosen color and the magician uses his mysterious magical powers to remotely sense which color is facing up inside the little wooden box. The magician never touches or looks at the box containing the cube, yet correctly names the chosen color each and every time.

The Color Cube measures a full 1 3/4" X 1 3/4" square and is just the perfect size for closeup and walkaround venues. Supplied complete with detailed instructions and performance hints by Tim himself.

So easy to use and resets instantly, you'll use it all the time. The magician does not need to touch the box containing the cube or even look at the box with the cube. The cube uses an ultra quiet, ultra clear vibration based queuing system that fits in any pocket.

As these are custom hand made items box style and color may vary.

This is like new.  I have used it about 5 times.  I am including a "Pelican" foam paded travel case.  This is the deluxe model that is even waterproof.  The value of the case is over $50.00

Lists for $250.00 plus shipping

My Price $235.00.  Includes s/h in USA

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      Break Away Tray (electronic) by Scott Meyer    


     When we saw this hilarious prop, we just knew we had to offer it to our Hocus Pocus customers!

      Imagine that the performer is about to perform an effect which utilizes a beautiful tray and a deck of cards (or whatever you desire). The set up is perfect for what is about to happen.

      Just as the performer begins his routine, the tray held by the spectator instantly falls to pieces, and the cards or other props go crashing to the floor. What a mess!

      The audience breaks into hysterics, and the spectator is mortified and perhaps shaken by this turn of events. What a great comedy interlude; a terrific premise, beautiful prop, comedy and tragedy all rolled into one great prop!


All digital electronics
Powerful, high quality servo
9" X 12" oval tray surface
Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
Timer easily activated when tray is handed to spectator
3-way toggle switch to select 10, 20, or 40 second delay
LED indicates adequate battery power for performance
Flashing LED (visible only to performer) indicates timer has started
Each tray individually signed and numbered
5-year warranty

     "It's very rare that I get excited about a magic product, but Break Away Tray is unbelievable! Incredibly well-made, reliable, and a strong piece of comedy magic that I'll put into my act immediately!" -- Mike Giusti

Like new condition used 4 times. I will include a padded travel case and two goblets. One goblet breaks away and the other does not. I wrote a funny routine using thes goblets which I will also include.

Lists for $595.00 with no goblet or case plus shipping..

My price with shipping in USA $520.00.  Includes s/h in USA.

Overseas & Canadian customers contact me via e-mail for prices with shipping DO NOT click on the Pay-Pal payment here.


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